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The Saints

Who are the Saints?

In human terms, the Saints were people who lived human lives throughout history, but who, through their deeds, devotion and desire to be close to God mastered aspects of spirituality and mysticism. In religious terms, a Saint is a spiritual master who has been recognised by a given religion for their achievements and spiritual qualities. In the Catholic Church, Saints are canonised after a long process during which their lives are examined and their status as a Saint is justified. The other world religions also have Saints. The Muslims recognise Abel Kader as a Saint. In Buddhism, Kwan Yin and Tara, are also referred to in modern liberal theologies as deities or goddesses. In a modern context, we can consider the Saints as winners of spiritual / mystical awards!

Why work with the Saints?

Working with the Saints is a very fulfilling experience for the following reasons:
  • they want to be close to us and to help us with our daily lives and experiences
  • they were humans and lived human lives. Their understanding of human experience is greater than that of the angels, who have never or will ever live human lives
  • having lived the human experience, the Saints are able to identify with us in our challenges, issues and sufferings. They are close to us in ways we cannot even imagine

What is the difference between Saints, Angels and Ascended Masters?

Angels are able to give guidance, protection and to play a role in our lives, but they cannot identify with us in the same way as Saints, who, in some cases, have known the worst of human conditions. Ascended Masters (Christ, Mother Mary, Elijah) reach such a high level of spiritual and mystical purity during their lifetime that they are no longer able to live on the earth plane. Ascended Masters do not experience death, they simply ascend. The Saints know the experiences of birth, life and death. They also know how to overcome human difficulties and can guide us on a human-to-human basis, so to speak.

How do we work with Saints?

I came to working with the Saints through receiving healing during a difficult time in my life. I was advised by my ‘spiritual health practitioner’ to channel through the Saints. I began doing so and noticed that I was not so exhausted and burned out by my work in channelling, which consists of connecting with the spiritual world, the third dimension and beyond. I began to bring the Saints into my work with clients. At that point, I used prayer and channelling to identify the Saints that were close to individual clients and to give them spiritual guidance through the Saints. I also began developing prayers and meditations for individual clients, depending on their circumstances, experiences and situations in life. This is also done through linking directly with the Saints surrounding each individual client.

The Saints and clients do the work, I facilitate and function as a bridge of communication between the two.




Walking With The Saints